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We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every visitor who took the time to visit our stand at ISH 2023. We take immense pleasure in expressing our gratitude for your presence at our stand, which has filled us with great energy and enthusiasm.

It was an honor to hear all the positive feedback about our products, namely LUFTOMET, LUFTooL, and LUFTATOR.

Additionally, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Xvent for their outstanding collaboration and for sharing their stand with us.

We are confident that our participation in the fair will pave the way for Czech LUFTOMET's availability in all EU member states local distributors.

Once again, thank you for making our experience at ISH 2023 truly unforgettable!


Architectual Air Diffusers

We are producing uniqe modern architectural air diffussers for residentional buildings. LUFTOMET is made by wood, concrete, glass, 3D glass, plexiglas,... Lumen version can bring fresh air or exhaust air and give a light in the same time.

More on www.luftomet.com

Ducting Accessories

What is on the market of HVAC or is not working well enough - that is our field for game.

We are producing pipe cutters, special boxes for 75 mm a 90 mm pipe systems, backdraft damper, condensation trap for EPE and EPS ducts, and much more...

For more info click here

Zoning Systems for Ventilation

Sophisticated systems for making zonens for piping 90 mm.

Time mode, LAN or WIFI connection, easy to set up.

Possibility to direct the air flow bring the many benefits for systems with HRU. Reduce problems with low humidity, saves energy and initial costs. For more info click here

Full Service for Czech and Slovakian Market

For both countries we are running specialized e-shop with complete service - design, technical support, installation, after service etc.
We help our partners with the development of software (control programs for HRU) and the design of electronic control boards.

More on www.luftuj.cz