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Air diffuser LUFTOMET SKY glass circle black dim

Air diffuser LUFTOMET SKY glass circle black dim

Company Luftuj s.r.o. takes great pride in being the producer of LUFTOMET architectural air diffusers. To learn more about our products, including how to get in touch with your local distributor, please visit our website at TECHNICAL FEATURES LUFTOMET is the name for the product range of the end elements of the ventilation system with modern design. Technically sophisticated LUFTOMET brings fresh air into your home as well as light in the LUMEN version. Thanks to the Magnetic Force System it is easy to assemble and maintain. Any product can be easily and quickly exchanged for another at any time. - suitable for air supply and exhaust up to 100 m3/h - easy and tight installation thanks to the magnets and mounting ring with the EPDM rubber - specially designed for ducts 100,125 and 160 mm and the boxes of flexi system 90 and 75 mm - design plate size is 200x200 mm and circular version diameter is 200 mm - using special accessories air flow can be filtered, directed, and controlled PRODUCT CATEGORIES SKY for the ceiling installation - supply and exhaust air LUMEN for the ceiling installation - supply, exhaust air and illumination JET nozzle for the wall installation - supply air ACCESSORIES filtration, deflection, flow control, spare parts

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Dowels Fisher Duopower 5x25 4pcs

Dowels Fisher Duopower 5x25 4pcs

Dowels for mounting frames LUFTOMET Sky, Lumen and Jet The newly developed DUOPOWER dowel consists of two synthetic materials: nylon and polypropylene. Visually, the parts can be distinguished from each other very easily - by their gray and red color. The gray part of the dowel, made of high-quality nylon, works in a way that is adequate to the building material it meets, thus ensuring maximum load-bearing capacity. The red spacer supports the dowel in all its principles of operation and in all cases serves to additionally increase the load capacity of the dowel. Depending on the building material, the DUOPOWER behaves in the appropriate and most suitable way and thus ensures the highest load-bearing capacity in solid, perforated as well as slab building materials. With its capabilities and three principles of operation (knotting, folding or expanding), it opens up new fields of application and applications in all known types of building materials compared to conventional dowels. Advantages Combination of two different materials for the highest load values and intelligent, spontaneous deformation in an optimal way (expansion, knotting, folding) according to the type of anchor substrate. The short and subtle shape of the dowel reduces effort and time during drilling. The narrow collar prevents the dowel from getting stuck in the hole. Anti-twist toothed locks on the sides hold the dowel firmly in place. Building materials Concrete Solid brick Solid sand-lime bricks Aerated Concrete Vertically perforated bricks Perforated sand-lime bricks Plasterboard Plasterboard and gypsum fibreboard Lightweight concrete cavity panels Hollow brick and concrete ceilings, etc. Natural stone Chipboard Plasterboard Solid blocks of lightweight concrete Principle of function / installation The DUOPOWER dowel is suitable for both pre-set and through-hole installation. The combination of two different materials, three different types of deformation (expansion, kinking, folding) extends the field of possible applications to other building materials with the highest load-bearing capacity. Recommended bolt length = dowel length thickness of the object diameter of the bolt Suitable for combination with conventional chipboard screws and combi-screws. For application in board materials, the unthreaded part of the screw must not be longer than the thickness of the fastened object. Technical information Drill diameter 5 mm Min. drill hole depth 35 mm Min. panel thickness 12.5 mm Anchor length 25 mm Min. bolt penetration 29 mm Wood and chipboard screws 3.0 - 4.0 mm Packing: loosely packed in a box of 100 pcs (25x4) GTIN (EAN-Code) 4048962235555

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LUFTOMET ACCESSORIES box for single pack + insert

LUFTOMET ACCESSORIES box for single pack + insert

Box for B2B sales. The package contains: - an unfolded box with a print - an inner insert

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Screws 3.5x30 4 pcs

Screws 3.5x30 4 pcs

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Air volume controller PF with noise dampening effect

Air volume controller PF with noise dampening effect

from 7,79 EUR incl. VAT

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